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Our simple solution for Privacy & Security online

Lightning-fast speeds. Maximum security. Zero logs.

Browse anonymously with a hidden IP, and enable WIFI security with our VPN service. Enjoy unrestricted access to the internet. The most secure, anonymous VPN tunnel is here! Making sure no matter what your Watching / Streaming / Downloading or doing your data and info is safe and secure. Access Geo & ISP Blocked content without worry with DigibitVPN

No Limits

You’re traffic & Data can’t be safe without VPN. It’s a fact.

The Apps you need

Looking for one of our client apps? Have a look at our downloads page for details on your device!

Easy & Safe Payments

Payments handled through Paypal, Visa Debit, Bitcoin and also over 50 other Crypto Currencies are accepted, Guaranteeing secure payments & safety with all your details, We operate a full SSL secure checkout process.

Secure WiFi

When you’re using public WiFi and other untrusted networks, nearby hackers & WiFi hotspot operators can monitor and manipulate your internet connectivity. By using DigibitVPN, Your putting personal information at risk when using free or unsecured WiFi. Make sure your data is under lock and key with our encryption.

Simple & Effective

It really is a single click! Just select a location & Hit connect! NO advanced setup, For everyone from novice users to advanced power users were here to make it as simple as possible.

Privacy done right!

Secure / Fast / Unrestricted / Trusted

Speed is key for us here at Digibit. Freedom to watch, listen, and stream your content from anywhere in the world, Unique networking technology to play any type of geo-restricted content from anywhere without slowing down your experience. Speed wont be an issue here.

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DigibitVPN Pricing

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Zero Logging
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • DDOS Protection
  • P2P Welcome
  • 100% Private
  • Unblock Sources
  • Lightning Fast Servers
  • Designed for Streamers
  • Protect your Privacy
  • Support Included

Questions or Support?

Were always happy to chat & discuss with our clients, Feedback is key for us! Check our FAQ first in case its already been answered.


Media inquiries

We love working with journalists from around the world about cyber security, Click below to see how to approach us on this.

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